Description Of The "Angelic Hierarchy"

"All three major religions of the Western world, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, as well as virtually all of the world's other systems of religious belief, include celestials in their cosmologies. Their scriptures all contain references to angelic int erventions."

"Angels, like people, belong to families or clans. Many names have been given to them, but in the opinion of a number of angel historians, the most familiar can be arranged in three categories, or spheres, starting at the top with those closest to God, and moving down to those who are connected to the physical world." ...

"The word 'angel' itself is used both as a generic term to refer to all heavenly beings, and as a specific term to refer to the members of the third sphere, those closest to the physical. So, too, the word 'archangel' is often used as a generic term to refer to all the high orders of heavenly beings, although they are in fact but one of the higher orders."

"According to Abigrael, there are four orders within the heavenly hosts that particularly concern us now: angels, archangels, principalities, and thrones." ...

"While it looks like there is a higher and lower echelon, it's more accurate to visualize all these orders in a great circle, with the "highest" and the "lowest" holding hands. For example, seraphim, who appear to be closest to the Creator, also serve t he God in us."

In the New Testament celestial beings are grouped into seven ranks: angels, archangels, principalities, powers, virtues, dominions, and thrones. Plus, the Old Testament adds cherubim and seraphim, which with the other seven ranks, comprise the nine cho irs of angels in later Christian theology; although the number has generally been fixed at seven. The angels receiving the most attention and veneration were the four angels mentioned in the O.T. and the Apocrypha.

The Spiritual Hierarchy

The 9 orders of angelic beings
(1 being the highest order)

The First Sphere -- angels who serve as heavenly counselors

The Second Sphere -- angels who work as heavenly governors

The Third Sphere -- angels who function as heavenly messengers


"The highest order of the highest hierarchy are the seraphim, the celestial beings said to surround the throne of God, singing the music of the spheres, and regulating the movement of the heavens as it emanates from God."


"Beyond the thrones are the cherubim. They are the guardians of light, and of the stars. Remote from your plane of reality, still their light touches your lives, the divine light that they filter down from Heaven." -- Lucifer (Satan/Devil) is known as the 'angel of light, whom God's light shown through' -- before his 'sin against God'.


"The first order in the third sphere is the thrones. They are the companion angels of the planets. At this time in your history it is important for you to be aware of the particular throne, the Earth Angel, who is guardian of your world." -- [ Lady Gai a ]


"The dominions are the heavenly beings who govern the activities of all the angelic groups lower than they are. Divine bureaucrats, they also serve to integrate the spiritual and the material worlds. Although they take their orders from God, and rarely contact individuals, their work is connected to your reality."


"Beyond the powers are another group of beings, the virtues. They are of particular importance to you now because they are able to beam out massive levels of divine energy. As more groups of you learn to work with the virtues, their will be a greater i nfusion of spiritual energy available on your planet."


"The first order of the second sphere are those beings who have been known as powers. They are the bearers of the conscience of all of humanity, the keepers of your collective history. The angels of birth and death are in this category. They are able to draw down and hold the energy of the divine plan the same way trees draw down the energy of the Sun. In this way, the powers can send all of you a vision of a world spiritual network. Just as you have a heart, liver, kidneys, and other organs in your body, all of the worlds religions are different organs in the emerging spiritual body of this planet." -- For example, The Bahai Faith.


"Beyond the group of archangels are the principalities. They are the guardian angels of all large groups, from cities and nations to recent human creations such as multi-national corporations. These might more accurately now be called integrating angel s. There are many of these beings involved with your particular integrating angel who carries the pattern of a unified global order in its heart."


"Beyond the angels are the beings you are used to calling the archangels. But we suggest that you call them overlighting angels, since they tend the larger arenas of human endeavor. These beings are from a different family from the angels. There are m any different kinds of overlighting angels in this larger family. The four you are most familiar with are Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Uriel."


"The angels that you're most familiar with are those in the last order. They are the ones who are closest to humanity, the ones most concerned with human affairs. Within the category of angels, there are many different kinds, with different functions.. ..The ones that you know best....are the guardian angels. Because of shifts in their functions and your consciousness, it is useful to think of these celestial beings as companion angels. As you enter a time of increased light and love on the planet, th ey will not need to guard you, but rather will be your guides to greater and greater consciousness." -- This can be related directly to the transformation of the Earth into the Galactic Federation, with the Earth entering the photon belt, transmuting us i nto the Fourth Dimension. According to the Galactic Federation, we will be assisted during this time both by our own angelic hierarchy (above) and by mass landings of Humans from the Sirius star cluster.

Description Of The "Celestial Top Ten" Angels Best Known To Us

MICHAEL (Archangel): Who is like God?

"Whose name is a question -- 'Who is like God?' -- is surely the best known of the overlighting archangels. Michael is acknowledged by all three Western sacred traditions. He is believed to appeared to Moses as the fire in the burning bush, and to have rescued Daniel and his friends from the lions' den. To Christians, he's the angel who informed Mary of her approaching death. Islamic lore tells us that his wings are the color of 'green emerald and are covered with saffron hairs, each of them containi ng a million faces and mouths and as many tongues which, in a million dialects, implore the pardon of Allah.' The Koran also paints the touching image of the cherubim being formed from the tears of Michael."

"In the Dead Sea Scrolls Michael emerges as the 'Prince of Light' fighting a war against the Sons of Darkness in which he leads the angelic battle against the legion of the fallen angel, Belial. Most recently, in 1950, Pope Pius XII declared Michael to be the patron of all policemen."

^Michael is the protector of the Christian Church, guardian angel of Israel, and commander-in-chief of God's angel armies. He led them during a war in heaven in which Satan and his fallen angels were driven out of the clouds. In Moslem lure, Michael is described as having hairs of saffron, wings of green topaz and a million faces, each face with a million eyes, each eye shedding 70,000 tears. Even though he lives in the seventh heaven.^

Christian art and iconography shows Michael with a sword or with a scale weighing the souls of the dead. His feast day is September 29.

[Washta:...The most important for all of you is Archangel Michael, who sits with Metatron and many others on the councils that control your planet and its many dimensions. Archangel Michael guides the life energies down through the eight great dimensio ns to Earth, so that planet Earth can have a living biosphere...the Spiritual Hierarchy has appointed archangels Michael and Gabriel as the two official overseers to coordinate with the Sirians under the auspices of the Galactic Federation...Archangel Mic hael and Gabriel are more of an interdimensional angelic form and not attached to the physical energy of a specific solar system and planet, so they cooperate with the Time Lords who control physical reality (matter). ]

[On the question of Archangel Michael's "lost war in heaven;" Washta:...This relates historically to the original creation. In this physical creation, you see, there was established one basic concept. It was the idea that a great darkness would exist, from which would eventually come a great celestial light. That is why in the creation stories from many sources, including the Christian Bible, there is darkness indicated in the very beginning. -- For the purpose of this creation was to prove that dark ness is not as great as light. Archangel Michael was given the divine task of acting as the chief intermediary between the Time Lords, who were given instructions by the Supreme Creative Force on how to create this present physical creation, and the dark force that was created to be the supreme test for this creation. Archangel Michael therefore set out to aid in putting the eight dimensions together and to make sure that all the various dimensional angelic and archangelic forces were put in the proper pla ces. In order to create this pattern for the divine plan, it was necessary to create a being within that darkness. Hence, the Archangel Michael established the energies that would create a being of darkness, as called for under the divine plan. That is what the so-called "war in heaven" refers to. This being of darkness was created by God's plan so that eventually the dark energy patterns could be transformed back to light after many physical lifetimes lived on planet Earth. This transformation would eventually lead to a great series of immortals living in light. This is what Michael's energy patterns, and all the stories about him, are about. ]

[On the question of 'identity of the dark force'; Washta:...This energy was created by him as part of the divine plan which he was given permission to do. He will be merging these two energies of light and dark as part of the upcoming ascension process . That is why the Age of Light has been forecast by many Sirians and others in the Galactic Federation who are Time Keepers. We understand the energy patterns that now surrounds this physical creation of bringing dark into light...This [does not have] a name that is recognizable in itself to humans on your planet, since many different names for it have been given, such as Satan, the devil, etc. However, know that this name will be given to humans when the process of the landings [Sirian] occur, for Arc hangel Michael will make a formal announcement of what is occurring; and he will explain what the time patterns are that will allow him to re-emerge and create the great light in your galaxy. ]

GABRIEL (Archangel): God is my strength!

"Whose name means -- 'God is my strength' -- seems to be our most frequent visitor from the higher realms. He astonished Mary, and her cousin Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist, with the pronouncements concerning the births of their respective sons. To the followers of Islam, Gabriel is the Spirit of Truth who dictated the Koran to Mohammed. In Jewish legend it was Gabriel who parted the waters of the Red Sea so that the Hebrews could escape from the Pharaoh's soldiers."

"According to court testimony of the time, it was Gabriel who came to Joan of Arc and inspired her to go to the aid of the dauphin (the eldest son of the king of France). Gabriel's apparent ongoing interest in this planet is most probably due to his fun ction as heavenly awakener, the angel of vibratory transformation."

^...Sitting on God's left hand, Gabriel is said to be the angel that destroyed perverted Sodom...served as God's treasurer, and will blow the final horn at doomsday.^

Gabriel in Hebrew means 'man of God', and is seen as God's messenger. Described as a human figure with long hair and multi-colored wings and often seen holding a scepter or lily. Gabriel's feast day is March 24. He was declared on January 12, 1951, by Pope Pius XII, the patron of those involved in electronic communications, which illustrates Gabriel's function as a messenger.

[ Washta:...Then you have Archangel Gabriel, who is the angel in charge of many dimensions -- namely, the 3rd, 4th, and, archangels Michael and Gabriel are now involved in the process of bringing in the energies of the new and glorious galactic human consciousness, and the civilization that these galactic humans will reside in. ]

RAPHAEL (Archangel): God has healed!

"Raphael is perhaps the most endearing of all the angels, and the one most frequently depicted in Western art. His image is featured on the canvases of such masters as Botticelli, Titian, and Rembrandt. His name means -- "God has Healed." Not only doe s he appear to be the high archangel charged with healing the Earth, but according to the Zohar, 'the Earth furnishes an abode for man, whom Raphael also heals of his maladies'."

^Raphael is the travelers guide, guardian of youth...The ruler of the second heaven shows up in Christian paintings carrying a pilgrim's stick, a wallet and a fish. The poet Milton has Raphael eating supper with Adam and Eve in Eden.^

"Indeed, Raphael's career seems to be peppered with medical missions. He healed the pain of circumcision for Abraham as the old man had not had the procedure done when he was young. Raphael was then sent by God to cure poor Jacob's thigh after he'd bee n roughed up by Samael. And it's also claimed that Raphael gave Noah a much-prized 'medical book' after the flood."

"There's a legend that when Solomon prayed to God for aid in building the great temple in Jerusalem, Raphael personally delivered the gift of a magic ring with the power to subdue all demons. It was with this 'slave labor' that the Hebrew king completed the construction."

"Raphael has also been called 'a guide in hell,' which after all is where healing is needed the most."

URIEL (Archangel): Fire of God!

"Uriel's name means -- "Fire of God," -- and he is ranked variously as a seraph, cherub, regent of the Sun, flame of God, presider over Hades and, in his best-known role, as the Archangel of Salvation. Like Metatron, Uriel is said to be one of the angel s of the Presence, a most high posting since only the highest voltage angels can sustain the presence of God."

"Uriel is thought to have been "the spirit who stood at the gate of the lost Eden with the fiery sword." The Book of Enoch tells us that it was Uriel who was sent by God to warn Noah of the impending flood, and elsewhere it is written that he disclosed the mysteries of the heavenly arcana to Ezra, and that he also led Abraham out of Ur in the Chaldean region."

"Some have claimed that the divine art of alchemy was brought down to Earth by Uriel, and that it was also this angel who gave the Kabbalah, the Hebrew mystic tradition, to humankind. John Milton describes Uriel as the 'sharpest sighted spirit of all in Heaven'. The angel who showed up to berate Moses for neglecting to circumcise his own son Gershom. Sharp eyes indeed!"

^Uriel is associated by legend with earthquakes, storms, erupting volcanoes and such has a big part in Milton's "Paradise Lost." There, as governor of the sun, he is tricked by Satan, disguised as a young angel, into giving directions to earth, and from there to Eden. Once there, tempting Satan sought out Eve's ear.^

[ Washta:...There are many others, such as Raphael and Uriel, who sit above in the 4th and 5th dimensions to aid Gabriel in this ascension process. They also have access to the 6th and 7th dimensions to assist Archangel Michael with the special life ene rgies being brought through the Time Lords, down to the 8th and 7th dimensions. ]

METATRON (Cherubim): One who occupies the throne next to the Divine throne!

"In the world of Jewish mystics, came to hold the rank of the highest of the angels despite his not being mentioned in the Scriptures. The meaning of his name has never been satisfactorily explained although one interpretation of it is "one who occupies the throne next to the Divine throne." It could also be derived from the Latin 'metator', a guide or measurer."

"In a number of traditional sources, Metatron is said to have been the prophet Enoch, who was taken up to Heaven and transformed into an angel of fire, with thirty-six pairs of wings, to continue his days as a celestial scribe. Metatron has also been id entified as the Liberating Angel and the one who wrestled with Jacob; the one who stayed Abraham's hand from sacrificing his son Isaac; and the one who led the Hebrews through the forty years in the wilderness. In certain schools of mysticism, Metatron, said to be the tallest of all the heavenly beings, became known as Lesser YHWH. In Hebrew, the letters 'LHWH' stand for the most sacred and unpronounceable name of God."

"As God has many names, so, too, Metatron was thought to have many names, the use of which was believed to offer the user protection and access to this great angel's powers. Yahoel, Yofiel, Surya, and Lad are just a few of his other names."

^Sitting beside God, Metatron, the throne angel with 72 names, records Israel's good and bad deeds. One mystic said Metatron carries Jewish prayers up through 900 heavens to God.^

[ Metatron is Head of the Sirian Central Sun Council ]

MORONI: [Giver of the Book of Mormon!]

"Moroni is the angel of the Latter-day Saints. While there seems to be a dearth of indigenous American angels, in 1823 Moroni appeared to Joseph Smith in upstate New York and led him to discover buried golden tablets inscribed with dense lettering. Whe n translated by Smith, again with Moroni's help, this text became the Book of Mormon, which tells us that in about 600 b.c., prior to the destruction of Jerusalem, a Jewish family fled the city and made its way by ship to what is now North America. Their descendants became two nations -- one the ancestors of the Native Americans, the other lost and gone. However, records kept by one of the elders of that vanished people tell that Jesus appeared to them after His death on the cross. The elder's name was Mormon, and it was his son Moroni who buried the tablets his father had kept, in about 400 a.d. According to the story, Moroni thus joins the ranks of Enoch and Elijah who were transformed into angels, and follows in the tradition of Gabriel in being th e angelic giver of a book of revelation."

"There is a forty-foot-high statue of Moroni that stands on top of a hill near Palmyra, New York, where Smith discovered the buried tablets. The angel is shown as it appeared to Smith, without wings and clothed in a long robe. Smith, who went on to fou nd the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints, described Moroni as a "being of light with a face like lightning."

MELCHIZEDEK: [Lived and taught 2000 years before the Christ!]

"Melchizedek, the Sage of Salem, is another of the few known cases of a high angel taking a human, very male, body. According to The Urantia Book, he appeared fully formed, some two thousand years before Christ, announcing that he was a servant of El El yon, the Most High. He then set up a teaching center over which he personally presided for ninety-four years."

"It was Melchizedek who delivered God's Covenant to Abraham and introduced the revolutionary concept of salvation through pure faith to the thinking of the planet. He established an extraordinary wide-flung missionary program, centered in Salem, the anc ient site of Jerusalem, sending out thousands of missionaries who literally circled the globe."

"Called Sydik in Phoenician mythology, Melchisedek was believed to be the father of the seven Elohim -- more Angels of the Divine Presence. In the third century a.d. a group of 'heretics', calling themselves Melchisedans, claimed to be in touch with 'a great power named Melchizedek, who was greater than Christ'. His sojourn here as the Sage of Salem was said to have been a concerted effort on behalf of the celestials to bring some much-needed light to a dark and chaotic time, and to set the seeds for t he coming of the Christ."

From the Book of Alma 13:14-18, within the Book of Mormon, of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints: *14-Yea, humble yourselves even as the people in the days of Melchizedek, who was also a high priest after this same order which I have spoken , who also took upon him the high priesthood forever. 15-And it was this same Melchizedek to whom Abraham paid tithes; yea, even our father Abraham paid tithes of one-tenth part of all he possessed. 16-Now these ordinance were given after this manner, t hat thereby the people might look forward on the Son of God, it being a type of his order, or it being his order, and this that they might look forward to him for remission of their sins, that they might enter into the rest of the Lord. 17-Now this Melch izedek was a king over the land of Salem; and his people had waxed strong in iniquity and abomination; yea, they had all gone astray; they were full of all manner of wickedness; 18-But Melchizedek having exercised mighty faith, and received the high offi ce of priesthood according to the holy order of God, did preach the repentance unto his people. And behold they did repent; and Melchizedek did establish peace in the land in his days; therefore he was called the prince of peace, for he was the king of Sale m; and he did reign under his father.*

ARIEL (Throne): Lion of God!

"Ariel means -- "Lion of God," -- However, some confusion exists as to exactly whose side Ariel is on. He's ranked as one of the seven princes who rule the waters and is also known as Earth's Great Lord. To the poet John Milton, however, Ariel is a reb el angel who is overcome by the seraph Abdiel on the first day of the great war in Heaven."

"Jewish mystics used Ariel as a poetic name for Jerusalem. In Gnostic lore, that first- and second-century melting pot of revelation, Ariel is the angel who controls the demons. Ariel has also been associated with the order of angels called the thrones and is known to have assisted the archangel Raphael in the curing of disease."

"John Dee, magician, occultist, and court astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I, reckoned Ariel to be a conglomerate of Aneal and Uriel, which sets him among the overlighting archangels!"

"Ariel makes an appearance in William Shakespeare's 'The Tempest', which may well have been the source of why Percy Bysshe Shelley, the nineteenth-century poet, liked to refer to himself as the angel Ariel.

ISRAFEL: The Burning One!

"Israfel, whose name in Arabic folklore means -- "The Burning One, -- is both an angel of resurrection and of song. By these same accounts, Israfel paved the way for Gabriel by serving three years as a companion to Mohammed, whom he'd originally initiat ed into the work of being a prophet."

"In an Islamic variant of the Genesis account of Adam's creation, Allah sends Israfel, Gabriel, Michael, and Azrael -- the Angel of Death -- out on a mission to fetch the seven handfuls of dust needed to make humanity's progenitor. According to legend, only Azrael returned unsuccessful."

"Edgar Allan Poe, writer of mystery tales and verses, footnoted a poem with a cryptic reference to 'the angel Israfel, whose heart strings are a lute, and who has the sweetest voice of all God's creatures'. Elsewhere Israfel is described as a four-winge d angel who, 'while his feet are under the seventh Earth, his head reaches to the pillars of the Divine throne'."

RAZIEL (Power): Secret of God!

"Raziel, which means -- "Secret of God," -- is believed to be an 'angel of the secret regions and Chief of the Supreme Mysteries'. There is a legend that Raziel is the author of a great book, 'wherein all celestial and Earthly knowledge is set down.' W hen the angel gave his tome to Adam, some envious angels stole it away and threw it in the ocean. After it had been recovered by the primordial angel/demon of the deep, Rahab, the book passed first to Enoch, who apparently claimed it as his own, then to Noah, who learned how to make his ark from it. Solomon, too, was thought to have possessed the book, which allowed him his unusual knowledge of magic and control over the demons."

"The Zohar, the major work of Jewish mysticism, claims that set in the middle of Raziel's book there is secret writing 'explaining the fifteen hundred keys [to the mystery of the world], which were not revealed even to the angels.' Other Jewish mystics report that 'each day the angel Raziel, standing on the mount of Horeb, proclaims the secrets of men to all mankind'."

"What we didn't know when we began this book, but what Abigrael, our recording angel, told us later, is that Raziel is its boss."


"The sonorously named angel prince Sandalphon, who some say, Elijah became after his death."

Angels And Nature Spirits

"Once you open to your angels, and in some cases perhaps even before, you may run into their cousins, the 'nature spirits'. The nature spirits are themselves an angelic order, but they are literally on a different wavelength from our spiritual companions."

"Some of the names given by different cultures to the nature spirits are: devas, elves, fairies, undines, sylphs, salamanders, fauns, trolls, and gnomes. They are the presiding patterns that oversee all living, growing things, crops and gardens, forest s and lakes, fish, fowl, and animals." ...

"Our human bodies also have nature spirits, or devas (pronounced day-vahs) as we call them. The devas of our bodies are the organizing principles that coordinate the immense amount of information constantly flowing through the physical body. They are the spiritual equivalent of the myriad of cells, organisms, and microorganisms..."

Description Of "God And Guardianship"

[ ...At present, and understandably so, Earth humans do not fully comprehend their upcoming pattern. Hopefully, this new Sirian model will help Earth humans learn how planet Earth was created as both a spiritual and as a physical entity. ]

[ Let's begin by looking at God's creation from a purely spiritual aspect. The Earth, as with all planets of the solar system, is surrounded by a Spiritual Hierarchy composed of spiritual beings called angels, archangels, and ascended masters. ]

Spiritual Hierarchy: Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters

[ Their sole purpose is to act as spiritual mediators for the eight interdimensional evolutionary energies. These angelic mediators transfer these energies into through the appropriate interdimensional portals (for example, the upcoming photon-belt) for transport into your 3rd-dimensional stellar energy pattern. These creative and evolutionary energy patterns, in turn, create the physical universe which includes your solar system and the planet that you are now residing upon. ]

[ In order to better understand your relationship to the creation, and ultimately your role as a planetary and stellar guardian, we will explain how the creation was accomplished by the Supreme Creative Force or what you loosely call "God." This creation is one that is continuous and evolutionary in nature. Every aspect of a particular creation has an important and unique cycle. This present creation is the 6th cycle and will run between 50 billion to 100 billion years. Let us now look at this present creation. ] -- Does this affirm or relate in any way to the theory of entropy?

[ Some 50 billion years ago, your universe's physical creation was begun by the Time Lords under the direction of the Supreme Creative Force (God). This present creation was the last in a series of creations that have continued from the beginning of time. Each physical creation had its own cycle and its own pattern. 'This physical creation was done to show how light could transmute darkness to produce an even higher light, which is composed of the highest love. This love will transmute your galaxy and raise it towards the Supreme Creative Force and its chief emissaries, the Time Lords. ]

[ Since you may not have heard of the Time Lords, we will describe them. They are what might be called the divine shepherds of 'physical creation'. When the Supreme Creative Force first began the physical creation, the Time Lords were created; for time is the unit that controls all of physical creation...The Time Lords exist in an infinite number of dimensions and their task is to regulate and to supervise the physical creation according to divine right action...Actually, the purpose of the Time Lords is two-fold in nature. Initially, they had to create the eight dimensions of physical creation, and secondly, they aided the dimensional Spiritual Hierarchies in their task of regulating the spiritual energy exchanges between each dimension. It is the task of the Spiritual Hierarchies to control interdimensional energy transfer by the use of interdimensional gates...These gates serve as the flux barriers between dimensions and aid by regulating the energy flow to allow only those sufficient energy exchanges needed to successfully maintain the viability of physical creation. As a part of this divine plan, the Time Lords had to construct the 3rd-dimensional galaxy according to the divine plan of the Supreme Creative Force. To accomplish this task, the Time Lords were given the creative "pulse of time." With this energy tool, all things are possible and can be accomplished according to the divine plan. ]

[ Time has many meanings and many implications in the divine plan. It is the process by which the light of creation is established in the physical universe. Time is also the mechanism that makes possible all the laws and the methods of creation. Yet its function varies with its specific needs. Time is all things and yet it is none. These concepts are portrayed in our galactic science and in our spiritual philosophies about creation. Through this knowledge, we learn that time is a great enigma. Like water on your world, time is said to seek its own level. ]

[ Our great sages, scientists, mystics, and Time Keepers have studied the pulses of time for many millions of years. However, time's true meaning still escapes them. Your scientists and seers have recently begun to discover the wonders of time (for example, quantum mechanics). So far, however, the relationship of time to light, to matter, and to creation has eluded them. The true sciences and philosophies of photon energy will lead you to a new understanding of creation and its infinite cycles. In reality, there is no "big bang" or sudden end to creation... ]

[ It is now important to perceive how these spiritual systems are arranged. All spiritual systems are organized from the 1st up to the 8th dimension. Beyond this 8th dimension there are multitudes of higher spiritual dimensions which deal with the nature of the Godhead (Time Lords and Archangels, etc)... ]

[...To those who do not fully understand the science of the spirit, these levels might be comparatively viewed as lands of magic and miracles. Here in these higher realms, the spiritual beings called the the angels and archangels of the Godhead exist. These angels and archangels, in turn, dwell in various levels of the Spiritual Hierarchy and are layered around the Earth in different dimensions (5th, 6th, and 7th dimension) to protect it. The archangels and angels have a primary mission to perform -- namely to receive and to distribute the love and light energy of creation through the physical universe. The Time Lords, in turn, have a responsibility to monitor and to continuously create the physical universe using the love and light energies given them in interdimensional exchanges by the Spiritual Hierarchy. The Spiritual Hierarchy members have a procedure they follow to accomplish the interdimensional exchanges. They need in the physical realm, especially the 3rd dimension, a physical guardian who can perform their task of energy exchange on a smaller and more localized level, such as a star system or a planet. Therefore, the physical guardians of any planet must be beings who are both physical and spiritual -- in other words, physical beings who possess full consciousness. ] -- Such as our Human relatives of full consciousness, from the Sirian star system.

[ We Sirians, and your brothers and sisters of the Galactic Federation, are here to aid the process of increasing and making life on your planet flourish. We are not here as a species that will in any way destroy life on Earth. Such activity is not the way of a guardian. This destructive action is more the way of one who wishes 'not' to be a guardian. You have come to Earth to implement the Spiritual Hierarchies instructions, not to ignore your role and the role of the other guardians who are on your world. Remember, there exists on Earth a great and incredible abundance and this abundance will beget even greater abundance if it is properly attended to. This rationale is what we wish to have all people on your planet understand. ]

[...Guardianship works through the eight dimensions of creation. It spreads itself through the great Spiritual Hierarchies and permeates down to your world. Around the Spiritual Hierarchy is manifested the physical universe that you are all a part of. As a guardian species, galactic humans are a being of light, a spiritual as well as a physical being. Your capability to be spirit-in-matter is what makes you a unique creation. In addition, you have been given a special consciousness that extends beyond the mere reflexes of life such as sex, hunger, thirst, and dying. You go beyond the mere physicalness of all of this. You are a being who has been put upon a planet as responsible overseer or steward of other life. This happens because you are capable of full consciousness. ]

Somatic Research - The Three Forms Of The Human Body

1) [ A gross or very physical body (our present 3rd-dimensional body type). ]

[ Present Earth Humans consist of a flesh and blood physique that ages and eventually dies after a relatively short period of {from 5 to 10} decades. Seven chakras. ]

2) [ An etheric body (similar to auras, ghosts or to higher dimensional bodies). ]

[ Galactic Earth Humans will consist of a more etheric body...a semi-etheric body. This body type is one that has the capabilities and appearance of the present physical body but with the many characteristics possessed by a purely etheric body. Thirteen chakras. ]

3) [ A purely spiritual body (the so-called soul body). The bottom three chakras hold part of the soul force and connect it through the "silver cord" at the solar plexus. The "silver cord" is the total vibratory pattern of each unique soul. This aspect of the soul's energies connects the soul with one half of its universal sources from higher dimensions (called the Universal Father) and this connection regulates how the soul energy is distributed throughout the body. The key to this process is the solar plexus center or third chakra. The solar plexus contains the "silver cord" which also connects it to the first and second chakras. Around it is the electrical grid system of the body, which connects this cord to the fifth or heart chakra which contains the other half of the soul force called the Universal Mother. The Universal Mother is the other half of the soul force that forms the creative aspect or the higher self (true self) personality. ]

From the Book of Abraham 5:5-7, within the Pearl of Great Price, of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints: *5-According to all that which they had said concerning every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew; for the Gods {God the Father and Christ the Son} had not caused it to rain upon the earth when they counseled to do them, and had not formed a man to till the ground. 6-But there went up a mist from the earth {the morning dew?}, and watered the whole face of the ground. 7-And the Gods formed man from the dust of the ground, and took his spirit (that is, the man's spirit), and put it into him; and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul.*

[ Summary view of God's Dual Creation of "Helpers" and the "Realms" ]

GOD (Supreme Creative Force)

Time Lords with the creative "Pulse of Time"

Lords of Spiritual Creation (Archangels)

Time Lords of Physical Creation (the creative "pulse of time")

Line Of Creation

[ additional and innumerable higher dimensions and planes of reality ]

[ Note: Each dimension has its own hierarchy of angels and archangels. ]

Spiritual Light Realm 8th dimension - Light becomes spirit

Free Form Realm 7th dimension - Spirit has form

Etheric Realm 6th dimension - Form develops a purpose

Etheric Form Realm 5th dimension - Form's purpose is defined

Transition Realm 4th dimension - Physical is not quite reality

Physical Creation Realm 3rd dimension - Physical is reality

The Earth

Cetaceans and Humans

[ Creation is a dual responsibility of the Time Lords and the Spiritual Hierarchies. The Time Lords control physical creation while the Spiritual Hierarchy controls the energy exchange of love and light in all aspects of creation. ]

[ Angelic guardians regulate the interdimensional portals. ]